About us



Founded in 1886, Central National-Gottesman Inc. (CNG) is one of the largest privately held pulp, paper, packaging and tissue companies in the world, with revenue exceeding $5 billion in 2014. Our financial strength and global market coverage, combined with long-standing supplier and customer relationships, makes our organization unique in the pulp and paper industry and allows us to service a broad range of customers.

CNG is dedicated to growing its business both organically and through acquisitions. CNG has made significant investments to further strengthen its position within the pulp and paper industry both domestically and abroad. Over the past few years, CNG has acquired 7 U.S. based paper distributors, 2 U.S. based packaging companies and has made significant overseas investments in new offices. We have, and will continue to invest in talented individuals around the world that will continue our company’s growth.

CNG operates its business out of 3 principal divisions: Our Central National Division, our U.S. Distribution Group and our U.S. Publishing Group.

Our CN Division is a major force in the worldwide supply of market wood pulp, newsprint, publication papers, tissue and packaging. We provide a full range of marketing and management functions, including sales, financing, del credere, invoicing, transportation, market research and consulting. We create and implement long-term marketing programs for companies expanding existing facilities or constructing new mills. The CN Division also offers expertise in areas such as counter-trade and foreign currency trading, enabling our suppliers to react to the constantly changing economic and operating environments.

Our U.S. Distribution Group is one of the largest paper and packaging distributors in the United States and is comprised of 3 distinct operating entities: Lindenmeyr Munroe, Kelly Paper and Spicers Paper.

Our U.S. Publishing Group is one of the largest distributors of publishing papers in the United States and is comprised of 3 divisions that focus on specific market segments: Lindenmeyr Central, Lindenmeyr Book Publishing Papers, and A.T. Clayton. To learn more about each of our businesses, visit our Divisions tab on this website.