We deliver products that touch people’s lives every day.

At CNG we sell, market and distribute paper for printing, packaging for shipping and tissue for cleaning, plus pulp, nonwovens & fibers, metals and wood products used worldwide.

Our portfolio features a diverse array of products with one thing in common: All are used daily in businesses, homes and industries around the world.
Those books on your nightstand?

We supply the paper.

The craft brew in your refrigerator?

We deliver the metal cans.

Your baby’s diapers?

We source the fluff pulp, nonwovens and super-absorbent polymers that keep little ones dry.

That overnight delivery?

CNG provides the packaging that gets it to your doorstep.

Your daily newspaper?

You guessed it: We source the newsprint.

Staying clean and dry?

We deliver the tissue, towels and nonwoven materials that do the job.

The highway billboard?

Our wide-format and digital products.

Want to look before you buy?

The retail catalogs in your mailbox are printed on the paper we stock.

At CNG, we represent both the traditional and the innovative – supplying materials used globally in applications that create new ways to live and work, simply and sustainably.

CNG is committed to the highest quality customer service, streamlining the supply chain and global distribution of products through knowledge, innovation and adaptability.

Our expanding scope includes the pioneering the use of plant-based materials for the production of packaging, bio-chemicals and bio-energy as sustainable substitutes for petroleum products.

Central National Gottesman Inc.
Our Global Brands and Businesses

We own and operate global businesses and established brands focused on paper, pulp, packaging, tissue, nonwovens & fibers, metals and wood products.