Central National Division

The CN Division sells and moves more than 4 million metric tons of product each year, and is a global leader in sales, marketing and distribution of paper, pulp, packaging, tissue, metals and wood products industries. We bring creative solutions and service to our clients and customers, with an expertise in global trade, finance and supply chain management that streamlines the process of moving products from ports to people.

We supply woodpulp, including fluff, kraft, high yield and specialty cellulose (DP) used in consumer and commercial applications, and source from suppliers on six continents.


We specialize in newsprint, communication and graphic papers, offering customers a diverse and flexible sourcing portfolio from established suppliers.


We deliver all major grades of retail and away-from-home tissue parent rolls, including bath, towel, tissue and washroom towel, tabletop napkin and facial tissue.


We market and sell virgin and recycled paperboard, including Kraft linerboard, corrugating medium, bleached board, duplex board and liquid packaging board.

Wood Products

We source a wide variety of hardwood and softwood log; lumber, veneer and plywood products/ components used to make furniture, flooring and concrete forms.


We supply structural steel and semi-finished aluminum products; flat products including HRC and CRC; Stainless Steel flat-rolled products, and semi-finished aluminum, such as coil, sheet, plate and foil.

Specialty Papers

We distribute grease resistant food papers and wet strength kraft paper for cooking, baking and packaging in large-scale restaurants, grocery stores and bakery operations.

Business Papers

From traditional copy paper to digital papers, we have the relationships that simplify sourcing, supply chain management and product development for our clients.

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