Andrew Wallach

President & CEO

Andrew Wallach is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Central National Gottesman Inc. (CNG), overseeing the company’s wide-ranging global businesses.

Andrew is the fifth generation of CNG’s founding family, and joined the company in 1996. Over the past decade, Andrew has helped drive the company’s effort to consolidate the North American Paper Distribution business and expand both product categories and geographic regions around the world.

Prior to becoming CEO, Andrew held a number of positions within CNG’s Central National and Lindenmeyr Munroe divisions, and in 2003 he was elected Senior Vice President of CNG. He became Executive Vice President the following year, was named President in 2007, and appointed CEO in 2015.

Andrew received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lafayette College in 1995, and an MBA from Columbia University in 2000, where he is a member of the Advisory Board of the Deming Center at Columbia Business School. In addition, he serves on several philanthropic boards.