Update on CNG’s Response to COVID-19

March 19, 2020

From President and CEO Andrew Wallach

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, CNG’s global businesses continue to respond proactively with measures to keep employees safe and healthy, to help minimize the spread of the virus and to continue to serve our clients as best we can in challenging times.

The safety of our employees and their families remains our highest priority.  As the situation evolves daily, each of our businesses is building on this ongoing commitment to provide a safe environment.  We will keep trying to stay ahead of the curve and implement measures that provide a well-balanced approach.

Among these measures:

  • A majority of our employees are now working remotely from home.
  • Our headquarters and some regional offices remain open for those whose work requires them to be safely in the office. Some retail paper store employees, warehouse employees and drivers will operate in reduced and rotating shifts to serve our customers while observing physical distancing and strict adherence to CDC guidelines.
  • Our management and operations teams hold daily meetings to assess the situation at our 100+ global locations. This includes implementation of contingency plans to assure smooth and uninterrupted business operations globally. These plans have already proved highly effective at our operations in China, Hong Kong, Korea and Italy.
  • All of our facilities have expanded their cleaning services to ensure all our working environments are as clean and safe as possible, including offices, stores, warehouses, breakrooms, washrooms, and equipment.
  • Outside visitors are currently prohibited from entering our facilities, including suppliers, job applicants, outside drivers and other service vendors, and we have designated safe areas for pick up and deliveries to our stores and warehouses.

Over our 134-year history we have faced many challenges and each has made us stronger over time. We remain very confident that when we look back COVID-19 will prove no different.

We have the opportunity to once again demonstrate that we are a different kind of company. We appreciate how challenging this situation is for all of us, but we have no doubt that together we are well positioned to get through this successfully.



Andrew Wallach